With more than twelve years’ experience in artistic gymnastics, I have the confidence to choose the right fit of exercises useful not only for young people, but also for all people. Using many different skills, you will be able to increase your strength, power, coordination, mobility and flexibility. Thanks also to my certificates in Artistic Gymnastics Level III and Crossfit, I can help you improve your physical performance and skill with propaedeutic exercises.

With many years’ experience in spotting, you can rest assured that you can practice in a safe and tranquil environment. Bar pull-ups (with kipping or butterfly), handstand walks, ring or bar muscle-ups, rope climbs or handstand push-ups will no longer be taboo for you. We will specifically focus on core training and stretching, too often under looked in physical exercise.


With my Crossfit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer certificate, I work also in an authorized Crossfit box. Here, I not only teach many different classes, but I also worked as a personal trainer and with private lessons. I follow Crossfit athletes and non-Ceossfit athletes. The main characteristic of this sport is functional movement, repeated many times, with constant variation and high intensity performance.

We will be able to use many various types of equipment: barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, rowing machines, rings, bars, kettlebells, ropes, used in varying circuits with different sets and repetitions. These will help you improve your physical conditioning (metabolic conditioning, strength, power, agility, speed, coordination, flexibility …). We will combine metabolic circuits with barbells skills used in weightlifting (deadlift, clean and jerk, shoulder press, snatch…) as well as with gymnastics skills (push-ups, pull- ups, ring and bar muscle ups, rope climb, and handstands etc.).


Often overlooked by many people, stretching consists of a voluntary flex or stretch of muscles or tendons in order to improve, if you practice in the correct way and constantly, your mobility.

With this discipline you will improve your range of motion, the elasticity of muscles and tendons, the number of new movements and skills that you can learn, raise your wellness sensation, and reduce the risk of injury during exercises. Good stretching is useful in ordinary life, also because it will help you to keep good posture during the whole day.

Specific athletic preparation

I used to set and manage athletic preparation for many athletes as they must be properly prepared to be successful. I helped gymnasts, divers, footballers, skiers, breakers, crossfitters and many others. Every type of athlete needs a specific athletic preparation. Physical preparation consists of physical fitness specific to athletic performance. To begin, I create a general physical preparation, then move to the specifics of your sport, of your goals and of your needs.

An athletic performance coach is responsible for assisting with the physical preparation of the athlete, specifically with the physical fitness and sports training element. We will build a schedule focused on your goals to increase your mobility, flexibility, strength, speed, power, acceleration, deceleration, dynamic vision, reaction time and so on. These kinds of preparation helps you also to prevent injuries during training or competitions.

Senior gymnastics

The age on your ID card is just a number, sport has no age. Athletic sports also help seniors prevent the first signs of aging. The exercises that I suggest, which change from person to person, are planned to delay aging, make seniors auto – sufficient and to prevent osteoporosis.

The gym sessions that we are going to do, will increase your physical and mental wellness. With a good physical condition you will improve your equilibrium, coordination, you will fell less tired doing daily works, and you will prevent accidental falls. Besides all of this evidence, it is scientifically proven that if the brain experiences exercise, one’s humor will increase.

Functional Training

Functional training allows people to perform the activities of daily life more easily. It consists in training with many different exercises to activate as many muscles as possible, searching for continuous equilibrium and stability, and using your stabilization muscles. The primary function of certain muscles and muscle groups is stabilization. Functional training for those muscles involves training them to be better stabilizers, often by performing simple exercises through small ranges of motion. Thanks to this workout, your movements will be stronger, faster, more coordinated, flexible and powerful; all of these characteristics guarantee athletes to improve their physical conditions, reduce injuries, and to improve their ordinary life.

With my help, we are going to train deep muscles, called core muscles from which comes strength, body control, and postural equilibrium. We will start with bodyweight exercises ( rolls, push ups on the floor or on the rings, pull ups on bars or rings, jumps, plyometric jumps, isometric positions etc.) and then we are going to use ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, rings, barbells and dumbbells.


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