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After many years as a gymnast in Italy, I decided to follow my passion in the sport by becoming a personal trainer: not only for artistic gymnastics, but also for activities regarding fitness and health.

Specialized on Pommel Horse and high bar, I won the regional title on both apparatus in 2009-2010-2011 and classified third in the Italian championship. Additionally, I participated at Italian A league with Bassano team in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

I started in 2005 as an artistic gymnastic coach in Vicenza, Italy. My work primarily consists of preparing gymnasts for local, state, national and international competitions, especially with male competitive teams. My objective is to be able to mentally and physically train gymnasts of all ages.

My biggest accomplishment was winning the 2013 Male Gymnastics Instructor of the Year Award from the Veneto Committee of Gymnastics in Italy. In 2014, one of my gymnasts won the best gymnast of the year award; following this he was awarded one of the best junior gymnasts in Italy and with my guidance, we participated in a summer camp in Tirrenia organized by the European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) with the best gymnasts in Europe.



  • National Gymnastics instructor and coach Level III by FGI (Italian gymnastic federation)
  • Istruttore regionale e federale FGI di III Livello ginnastica artistica
  • Personal trainer/coach by FIPE (Italian Federation Weightlifting)
  • Crossfit level 1 Trainer
  • private lessons specialized in gymnastics
  • led beginner artistic gymnastics classes for children aged 4 / 5
  • led beginner artistic gymnastics classes for teenagers and adults
  • led seniors postural gymnastics (aged 60/80)
  • coached private lessons (any age / level))
  • coached male competitive team (levels 5-10)
  • prepared gymnasts for local, state, national, and international competitions
  • worked in elementary and middle schools as an artistic gymnastics instructor
  • recipient of Italian Judge’s Permit for artistic gymnastics

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